[Updated: 2021.03]

You are never going to get this day of your life again.

'If you think hiring a professional developer is expensive - try hiring amateur'


  • work: software architect focusing on high performance computing, currently into ML/DL on FPGAs and ASIC (NPU, TPU, DPU, IPU, xPU)
  • languages: scala, swift, java, C++, C , CUDA(book), and full stack of technologies - see my linkedin protfolio
  • after work: web/ios developer, IoT enthusiast, constant searcher
  • fun: mountain walking (currently waiting for end of COVID era), switched to winter/cold swimming - Wim Hof Method
  • fan of minimalism!


Status: Initial structure created.
Main technology tips are there.
50% of doodlings created.
software size measurement - real thing, how to measure size of sotware, then how to measure size of change, then ... how to predict time that it should take - and all this in scentific way instead "guessing using cards";
Currently - TODO list based on "Don't Break the Chain" by Jerry Seinfeld's Method for Creative Success
There is iOS part - published in 2016 - waiting to be updated ...soon ;-)
TBD - page about diet and exercises, ... configuration lost in time - @TODO: JARO FIX IT!
Community Loan Application Processing System
Wife's shop.
social shopping platform