You are never going to get this day of your life again.

One life -> do it now!

'If you think hiring a professional developer is expensive - try hiring amateur'


  • work: software architect focusing on high performance computing, currently into machine learning stuff
  • after work: entrepreneur, web/ios developer, IoT enthusiast, constant searcher
  • fun: mountain walking
  • and I'm big fan of minimalism!


social shopping platform
productivity booster, at least I think so ;-)
there is iOS part - on which I'm working on, and hopefully very soon (now is Arpil 2016) I will publish!
page about perfect diet - a nd extremely easy one
software size measurement - real thing, how to measure size of sotware, then how to measure size of change, then ... how to predict time that it should take - and all this in scentific way instead "guessing using cards";
Community Loan Application Processing System
microPayments - hard stuff
My wife's page. All about her artistic side - paintings.
It's quite cool, as she is doing those "positive paitings". My definition of them is: "paitings to less likely find in horror movie".


- I bought DIY verison from China - alibaba;
- it takes some time to built it - you can see pics on linked page;
- current phase is: calibration - and it is long one, basically every print takes time ( long time ) while X/Y is easy to calibrate - Z axis is real pain;
- next step: some really cool prints ?
;-) electronic version of perpetum mobile, simple connection between 2 solutions:
  1. joule thief
  2. "free radio energy"
joule thief is there and WOW it is working
free radio energy - work in progres - currently waiting for more parts from China
also thinking about putting this project into "FoundMe" - just to have proper motivation!
car + raspberry pi + radio/video (as screen) + obdII + gps + wifi + ...